Whether your home has clean contemporary lines or oozes history, Buildwyse Constructions can design and build a patio that adds to its style and value.

Designing your patio is easy

A patio creates a covered outdoor area that welcomes people to the front of your home or adds protection from the sun and weather at the rear. Designing and building your patio with Buildwyse is a straightforward process. Our proprietor Scott Wellings will visit your home, measure and inspect where the deck is to be built. He will discuss and sketch the design with you, including the placement of steps and any balustrading, with both safety and your budget in mind.

Building your patio

During the build, Scott will be onsite to co-ordinate his team of tradespeople to ensure that what you have planned together is what you get. If any issues arise they will be dealt with promptly, effectively and in consultation with you.

We use only top-quality materials so that, as well as being well-planned and visually appealing, a Buildwyse patio will be sturdy, durable and safe.

The foundation for most patios is a concrete slab. The concrete can be left as is, painted or covered in a variety of paving tiles such as ceramic, concrete and stone. Houses built from the 1940s to the 1970s can look great with patios of sandstone flagging.

Where the house design or site requires, some patios are built in wood. The patio floor surface itself may also be wooden, or your patio can be tiled over a floor of solid 15mm compressed cement sheet and a waterproof membrane.

Case studies

Weatherboard cottage makeover

A new bathroom and rear patio were added to this 1900s cottage in Lilyfield. The patio featured appropriate period trim, while new timber weatherboards along each side of the residence made the whole place look almost new.

Open plan kitchen/living with deck & pergola

We demolished a dilapidated 1940s rear addition to an Edwardian house, and in its place we built an open plan kitchen/dining area with beautiful brushbox timber flooring and a separate laundry and bathroom. The pergola had translucent polycarbonate roofing and a floor of tiled concrete.

Contact us about your new patio today. We provide both quality and value for money. Phone or email Buildwyse director Scott Wellings for an onsite consultation and quote.

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