Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are the foot soldiers in landscaping, turning a difficult terrain into a space both useful and beautiful. They should be properly placed and visually appealing.

More to retaining walls than it appears

The nature of retaining walls is that they hold back a great deal of weight in soil, earth and/or rock. They must be properly built so they don’t shift or crack over time. Lower walls can be face brick or cement-rendered. Larger, higher walls may be steel reinforced (i.e. steel rods) concrete-filled concrete blockwork. We can build in modular bricks or sandstone blocks. Our brick and block layers are qualified and experienced – the best in the business. We can assist with everything from a single retaining wall for pool coping or decking, or around a pergola, to a very large, complex wall on a steep site.

Retaining walls reshape the landscape and therefore affect the drainage patterns. As retaining wall builders in Sydney we know that water must be allowed to seep down and away from inside the wall. Depending on the various levels and types of subsoil, we incorporate ag pipes, guttering and/or sufficient waterproof membranes to protect from lateral dampness which over time can break down the structure of the wall.

Retaining walls should be a real complement to the style of your home, old or new. Various facing materials look best with different Sydney architectural styles. Buildwyse is experienced in matching and enhancing the character of any type of home with the right retaining wall type.

Choose the one of best retaining wall builders

Buildwyse Constructions have been retaining wall builders in Sydney since 1993. We take pride in delivering quality work. We always use premium materials which will last and look good for years to come. And when the job is completed, we leave every site clean of all debris so that you can enjoy the results of our work.

Proprietor Scott Wellings is a highly qualified and experienced master builder. He will meet you onsite, take you through any issues or challenges and provide a comprehensive, reliable quote.

Phone or email Buildwyse today to have a properly built retaining wall that will look great with your home for a lifetime.

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