Wall Removal

The removal of walls to create open plan spaces affects internal support for the ceiling and roof and can create problems for the stability of the home. An established Sydney builder like Buildwyse Constructions will ensure that structural integrity is not compromised.

Maintaining roof support

For many years now, the trend for Sydney home owners has been to open up the smaller rooms of older houses to create light, airy spaces for contemporary open plan living.

All alterations require care and skill to ensure that the structure of the building is not weakened, but removing walls brings these to the fore. Buildwyse director and master builder Scott Wellings will cast an experienced eye over the wall to be removed and even access the roof cavity to analyse where and how the weight of the roof is distributed within your home.

Removing a wall almost always requires installing a load-bearing beam to span the width of the opening created.

  • The most usual case is where a wall is removed up to a level below the ceiling, allowing the cornices to remain intact and saving the repairing and repainting the ceilings of the two rooms. The load-bearing beam – usually steel – is integrated into the framework of the wall above the opening.
  • If the wall is removed right up to the ceiling, the load-bearing beam is above the ceiling, integrated into the roof framework of the roof itself. Sometimes the framework of heavier roofs, such as ceramic or concrete tiles, needs additional modification.

Modernise your home with wall removal

Opening up the floorplan of your home, old or new, can bring lightness, spaciousness and greater convenience. Our most common wall removals are for:

  • Opening up kitchens to connect to the living spaces
  • Integrating a toilet into an older bathroom
  • Ending the separation of living and dining rooms.

No matter how the desired outcome should appear or what is involved in getting there, the efficiency of our skilled tradesmen and our superior project management allow us to offer both quality results and value for money.

Get in touch with Buildwyse Constructions to safely remove a wall and repair the area as seamlessly as possible. Phone or email us today.

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