Pre-Purchase Inspection

We are independent building inspection experts for Sydney’s Sutherland, Georges River and Inner West regions

Forewarned is forearmed. Structural problems not visible to the untrained eye can quickly turn out to be very expensive if overlooked. So it’s vital to have a construction professional look over any home before you buy. Aware of existing issues and future repair costs, you’re equipped to negotiate a better price. Or perhaps even save yourself a lot of heartache by avoiding the purchase entirely.

Buildwyse Constructions has one of the most experienced Sydney pre-purchase building inspection teams. Our licensed and experienced builders are intimately familiar with all potential structural issues. A Buildwyse inspector will know exactly where to look, quickly seeing past cosmetic improvements that might disguise problems. These giveaways will prompt us to look further until we know what’s going on.

For example, a bow in the ceiling or floor could indicate a deflecting wooden ceiling framework or steel beam sections due to age, rot or other damage which could need urgent repair. A crack in the ground may indicate movement of foundation material, and our report will list the potential causes. The placement and angle of cracks in brick or concrete walls will indicate different kinds and rates of subsidence. If cracking of any part of the property is substantial, our building inspector may make recommendations for follow-up by a structural engineer.

Clear, honest, ethical reporting

Ethics and authenticity are at the core of the Buildwyse approach. Led by director and master builder Scott Wellings, Buildwyse is a trusted and respected pre-purchase building inspection company with reporting that is careful, detailed and transparent. Our inspector will explain to you the nature of the issues, the consequences of not repairing them, how they should be properly repaired, and the costs of doing so.

The sooner the property you’re interested in is inspected, the sooner you can begin the rest of the purchase process, with the peace of mind of knowing what is required to make your new home stable and secure.

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