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Buildwyse Constructions is a building and construction company that specialises in building alterations and restorations, home extensions, additions and renovations in Haberfield. We have a reputation for attention to detail, efficient project management and high-quality results.

All types of home restorative work

Our team has completed restoration work on many Victorian and Edwardian homes typical of the area, altering or improving the building’s layout and liveability without affecting its historical character. We are familiar with the appropriate materials and construction techniques and have a long-established network of skilled heritage craftsmen and tradespeople who will bring that authentic touch to your vintage Sydney home.

Custom home builders

When you need a custom home builder, Buildwyse director and master builder Scott Wellings has the expertise and collaborative nature to bring your plans to fruition. Many new clients have presented him with ambitious architectural plans that they simply cannot afford to build. Scott, his draftsman and, if required, his architect will redraft the plans to suit both your requirements and your budget.

A diverse range of construction services

From construction work, renovations, extensions to interior design services in Haberfield, our team of senior designers and tradespeople is ready to take up your project. Some of our services include:

Why not explore your ideas with proprietor Scott Wellings, who is available via phone or email. He will arrange a time to inspect your building, spot any issues and advise on the best approach. As an experienced builder of more than 30 years, Scott will foresee structural challenges presented by the job and his estimate will be reliable and accurate.

Why we are amongst the most reliable Haberfield builders

Experienced team of local professionals

Buildwyse Constructions was established three decades ago by local builder Scott Wellings. Over the years Scott has built a network of talented builders, designers, carpenters, and architects in the area. His contractors and associates are skilled, experienced and dedicated to quality results.

Fast, efficient service

Buildwyse Constructions is known for its transparent advice and project management. As issues arise, you will be advised clearly what should happen, how long it will take and any additional costs involved. This is particularly important with older homes where age and dilapidation can present unexpected problems. Our experience allows us to work efficiently and to schedule.

We work with you in mind

A Buildwyse site is clean and efficient with minimal debris and best-practice safety, to cause minimal disruption to you. Most of our clients are living in the house as we work, and we are conscious that even the smoothest-running site is still an intrusion in your lives. We will leave you with a finished job that you can enjoy the moment we walk out your gate.

Take advantage of our competitive prices

Once we settle on the details, we can give you an accurate, reliable estimate of the cost and schedule for completion. We deliver an exceptional building service that represents true value for your money.

Get in touch

Send us an email or call us and one of our builders from Haberfield will respond promptly.

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