Terrace Homes

Large terraces offer the space for a family to live in comfort, and smaller terraces are perfect for a single person or couple starting out in the property market. Either way, a terrace home is ideal for a sympathetic renovation or extension.

Terrace house renovations in Sydney

“Terrace” essentially means the homes have common walls on both sides and are found in rows of three or more. The most common terrace is a two-storey Victorian-era home with the cast-iron lacework balustrading, columns and detailing, but the small single-storey worker’s terrace and the simpler-styled Edwardian terrace are also typical throughout the inner city. Many Buildwyse clients have been in Sydney’s inner suburbs in which thousands of terraces were built. Buildwyse proprietor Scott Wellings has been a member of the Master Builders Association for decades. As our portfolio shows, Scott has to his credit not only historical home renovations but restoration projects as well. This demanding, detailed work was completed to the satisfaction of both the owner and strict heritage guidelines. If you are extending your terrace or updating it to house a 21st century lifestyle, Buildwyse Constructions has an eye for just the right heritage detail and decades of experience with this kind of home.

Making the most of terrace house extensions and additions

For the average medium-sized terrace with a decent back yard our most common project is a rear extension, often incorporating a patio or deck. We can continue the distinctive Victorian or Federation character of the house through the addition with attention to cast ironwork; brick or render; slate or shingles, window surrounds and even window casements and leadlight glass if required. Or if you want a completely contemporary renovation facing the courtyard or a modern designer kitchen blended as respectfully as possible into a smaller terrace, Buildwyse has the attention to detail, innovative thinking and architectural sensitivity required.

We always work with your budget in mind

Working with elderly houses can be challenging and costly, especially if you want to match original detailing. Older buildings are more likely to have dilapidation from past neglect or damage. An experienced, qualified builder like proprietor Scott Wellings will look for typical prospective issues during his first site inspection and plan for them throughout design and construction. All this will be incorporated upfront into the budget and because Scott is always onsite managing the build, any variations will be discussed directly with you at the time. Buildwyse has a well-earned reputation for well-managed, high-quality terrace house improvements. The professional team works efficiently to provide a high-quality build at a cost-effective price.

Case studies

New Victorian windows in a heritage-listed terrace home

This heritage-listed Victorian building in Enmore required exacting period detailing on three new windows. We carefully matched the new corbelling of the largest one to the existing windows.

Optimising a very narrow terrace block

A very narrow original terrace in Stanmore gets a contemporary two-storey addition.

Improve the livability and value of your terrace – you’re welcome to discuss improvements or extensions with Scott at Buildwyse. Contact us today.

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