Building Inspections

Buildwyse Constructions will ensure that your building inspection in Sydney is carried out professionally and thoroughly.

Our building inspection service covers a range of processes that homeowners need to complete before buying, selling, renovating or building a residential property. Director Scott Wellings is qualified Building Inspector and an accredited representative building consultant for the NSW Master Builders Association.

Pre-purchase inspection

It’s vital to have a construction professional look over any home before you buy, so your knowledge of potential issues lets you either negotiate a better price or even avoid the purchase entirely.

Pre-sale inspection

This inspection and report covers the same areas as the pre-purchase inspection and is also carried out as per AS4349.1. It enables the seller to pinpoint works that could be carried out to ensure a fast and uncomplicated sale. Also, potential buyers, lending authorities and solicitors will have greater confidence knowing that the property has been inspected prior to sale.

Strata building inspection

This inspection lists common property defects including the general condition of the property. From this point, a budget can be established to cover future maintenance expenses.

Pest inspection

Building inspection processes and pest inspection processes are very different when compared to other home building inspections in Sydney. The Australian Standards AS4349.3 classify a pest report as a “special purpose report”, separate to the building report. With this in mind, we engage two specialist inspectors, one with building qualifications and the other qualified in pest eradication, to ensure as much as possible that all faults are detected.

If needed, we can recommend and organise a licensed pest inspection company. Or an inspector of your own choice is very welcome to carry out their inspection at the same time as us, or at a different time.

Special purpose inspection

If you have a building defect on your property and you need it fixed, a special purpose inspection can be carried out. From this point on, we can recommend what professional services are required to repair the defect. We can also provide a report describing the work required to rectify the defect.

Dilapidation inspection

This property inspection consists of a report with photographs documenting a building or property prior to any building works commencing on an adjoining building or property. The first inspection lists any existing cracking or damage before any work commences. When the building works are complete, the final inspection is carried out. If there are any changes, these are then documented so relevant remedial works can be carried out.

Final completion inspection

Final completion inspection is conducted for new building works. It covers new homes, alterations, additions and renovations. The inspection will list any items that should be attended to, including any defects that may be present.

Boundary survey inspection

This inspection and report is carried out by a professional surveyor. The report will show if there are any unusual situations with buildings, fences etc. encroaching any boundaries.

Buildwyse Constructions is just a phone call away. We will arrive on time and conduct a thorough, ethical and transparent building inspection so everyone concerned with the property is accurately informed.

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