Federation Homes

If you are extending or renovating your Sydney Federation (or Edwardian) home, the builder should know how to preserve its beauty and character.

The Buildwyse Federation heritage

Many Buildwyse clients have been in Sydney’s inner west which is characterised by Victorian and Federation homes, and there are many more in the St George Shire. Buildwyse proprietor Scott Wellings has been a member of the Master Builders Association for decades. As case studies show, Scott has to his credit not only many Federation home improvements but heritage restoration projects as well. This demanding, detailed work has been completed to the satisfaction of both the owner and strict heritage guidelines.

Federation home extensions and additions

Most suburban Federation homes were small compared to today’s requirements and our most common project is a rear extension. Today this usually incorporates a deck for outdoor entertaining. We can continue the distinctive Edwardian character of the house right through the addition with attention to the style of the bricks, tuckpointing, woodwork, fretwork details, shingles and/or weatherboards and even window casements and stained glass if required. Or if you want a completely contemporary extension or kitchen blended as respectfully as possible into the old house, Buildwyse has the attention to detail and architectural sensitivity required. For larger or more complex projects we can bring in an architect experienced in Sydney heritage homes to make the end result as visually engaging as possible.

We always work with your budget in mind

Working with older houses can be challenging and costly. There more to consider in matching existing period details, and the buildings have had a century to accumulate the complications from neglect or damage. Buildwyse has a well-earned reputation for well-managed, high-quality Federation home improvements. An experienced, skilled and qualified builder like proprietor Scott Wellings will know to look for typical prospective issues during his first site inspection and plan for them both in the design and construction method. All this will be incorporated upfront into the budget and, as Scott is always onsite managing the build, any variations will be discussed directly with you at the time.

Case studies

Addition with large bay window to heritage-listed Federation house 

We added a kitchen, dining room, bathroom and laundry to this original Federation home in Haberfield. The heritage listing required an exact match in detail and construction to the original house. The addition featured a large new bay window with weatherboard cladding to match the existing bay window at the side of the home, which had its deteriorating original cladding replaced as well. 

A large timber balcony on a heritage-listed Edwardian home

A heritage-listed Edwardian corner home in Glebe gets a large period-styled timber-framed balcony with pitched corrugated Colorbond roof and detailed timber balustrading.

National Trust award nominee

This significant heritage-listed awning restoration in Sydenham was nominated for a National Trust award. Current safety regulations also required it to be self-supporting in case a vehicle accidentally took out the posts.

Get in touch with Buildwyse today to renovate or extend your Federation home in keeping with its character and value.

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